Hi, this is Heather. She is 14 years old. She is handicapped & in a wheelchair. As you can
see, step are extremely difficult for her. This is where we need your help.

Heather was born with Dandy Walker variant. It is a cyst in her cerebellum. It is inoperable unless life threatening. It has delayed her mentally & physically, particularly her balance. It is very poor. She also was born with club foot. She has had 2 surgeries on her feet for correction. She wears special braces called dafo's. Last year she was diagnosed with scoliosis. She had a 60+ degree curve in her spine. She underwent surgery & the doctor fused 3/4 of her spine. The surgery went fine but complications insued after. About a week after the surgery, she was diagnosed with pancreantitis which is very painful & requires nothing but time to heal. She could not eat or drink, not even water. Her veins became week & could not sustain an i.v. Because of this, her body did not have what it needed to heal all the incision. She was cut from the bottom of her neck to her bottom. Because her body was lacking the nutrition needed, the bottom 1/2 of her incision came open. They resewed it shut & most of it held, a few stitches at the base of the incision popped open. They then wet/dry packed the wound. That is insterting wet gauze into the wound & covering it with dry. They inserted a pic line, an i.v. that run through you arm into your chest, in which she was fed her nutrients. We brought her home after being in the hospital for 5 weeks, it was suppose to be 1 week. A nurse trained me, mom, to administer i.v. nutrients & antibiotics for 2 weeks. The open wound healed itself from the inside out, it took several weeks & many wet/dry packs until this happened. And now, she is faced everday with a frightening & dangerous challenge.

We rent a 1/2 hause. Every day Heather must crawl up and down one flight of steps to her bedroom. She is afraid that she is going to slip or lose her balance and fall. This is a fear that I have too. A fall would be extremely dangerous for her. And right now, I have to help her in every aspect, going to the bathroom, cutting her food, dressing her, etc. This and her 5 year old sister take all of my time, therefore I do not work. My husband has a full time job but it is not enough to buy a home to suit her needs with just his income. It is hard to buy a home on just 1 income, but to buy a home, 1 level, that will suit her needs with no steps is virtually impossible. We have checked out ever possible agency that might lend some assistance & there are none who can help with our problem. That's why we need your help.

Donations are being accepted through F&M Trust in which a special donations account has been set up. If you wish to call and verify 'A Home for Heather' donations account, please call 717-762-2188. Your support is greatly apprciated!
Heather doing the obstacle course in Special Olympics at her school.
I love Christmas with the family
Please make checks/money orders/cashiers checks payable to: Jeffery Gahan. Please include
'A Home for Heather' in the memo section or anywhere on the front of money order/cashiers
checks. Thank you notes and receipts will be sent to those who include a return address.

Please send to: F&M Trust
c/o A Home for Heather
200 East Main Street
Waynesboro, PA 17268
Heather recovering at the hospital after spinal surgery