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25% deposit will hold your order:  

We currently accept: personal check, money order, cashiers check, or cash.


Kiln drying is available for all air dried species.

Add $.20 BF. (500BF minimum)


Pen Blanks:

20 piece set- 1 of each species- $16
50 piece set- 1 of each species- $34
100 piece set- not more than 2 of each species- $58

Delivered in the continental US. Sets of certain species are available, contact me. Blanks measure 3/4"x 3/4"x51/2".



$1.50 each, you pick the species, delivered anywhere in the continental US. (Minimum order of ten)


Surfacing is available for $.15 BF.


Thick lumber stock is available:

Add an additional $.10 BF for 5/4"-8/4" thick lumber stock. For thicker lumber stock (Greater than 8/4") contact us for availability and cost.


*Due to overwhelming response, we are no longer able to handle orders of specially sized stock.* 

We are not responsible for typographical errors.

New Shipping Policy:

    Due to the ridiculously high shipping rates and other problems involved with shipping via common carrier, we would prefer that customers pick up their orders directly from our sawmill. For orders over 500BF, we may be able to ship them by truck freight. Customers are welcomed to combine orders! 

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About Us:

    Our lumber company started in 1979. We started with a circular sawmill, but switched to a bandmill to enable us to produce 25-30% more lumber from a log in order to save trees. We use our sawdust, bark, and shavings to mulch trees that we grow and are continuing to plant on our tree farm. We also have considerable knowledge in forestry and timber management. We are a family operation and intend to bring you the lumber you want at low prices without destroying the forests.

    We have our own Nyle dehumidification kiln and are starting a millwork facility. We also maintain 100+ acres of trees from 1 year old to mature on our tree farm. We do the entire process from growing the tree all the way through the finished product, eliminating all the middle men, and creating lower prices for you, the consumer. We also buy local logs and lumber; and salvage trees before they end up in someone's firewood pile or landfill. 50% of our profits is going towards the purchase of tropical forest land in South America in order to prevent it from being destroyed and lost forever.  Thank you for your support!

    Our saw mill carries many species of kilndried, airdried, rough cut, surfaced, domestic, rare, clear, #1, #2, utility grade, hardwood, and softwood lumber. The wood products we have include: samples, thick stock, flooring, paneling, crown molding, baseboard molding, and other millwork. We also handle figured woods: wormy, curly, birdseye, spalted, quartered, weathered, burls, ovals, and other oddities. The individual species we have include: Ailanthus, Alder, Apple, Black Ash, White Ash, Wormy Ash, Aspen, Basswood, Beech, Birch, Box Elder, Buckeye, Butternut, Catalpa, Red Cedar, White Cedar, Cherry, Chinese Chestnut, Native Chestnut, Chinaberry, Cottonwood, American Elm, Red Elm, Siberian Elm, Ginkgo, Hackberry, Hemlock, Hickory, Black Locust, Honey Locust, Magnolia, Maple, Mulberry, Red Oak, White Oak, Persimmon, White Pine, Yellow Pine, Tulip Poplar, Hybrid Poplar, Sassafras, Spruce, Sweet Bay Magnolia, Sycamore, Black Walnut, and Willow. The special woods we have include: Curly Ash, Weathered Barn Boards, Spalted Beech, Figured Birch, Spalted Birch, Wormy Butternut, Curly Cherry, Figured Eucalyptus, Streaked Hickory, Curly Maple, Spalted Curly Maple, Curly Oak, Wormy Oak, Blue and Purple Poplar, Quartered Sycamore, and other  woods for woodworking and crafts.

Dictionary of commonly used terms:

#1- Better grade of wood, suitable for furniture making.

#2- Grade of wood suitable for craft making and general woodworking.

#3- Grade of wood suitable for utility use.

Air Dried- Lumber is dried but not put in a kiln. 10-14% moisture content.

BF- Board Foot.

Board Foot- Equivalent to 144 cubic inches or 1"x12"x12".

Clear- Best grade of wood, suitable for fine furniture making.

Kiln Dried- Lumber is put in a kiln and dried to 6-8% moisture content.

Log run- This grade is a mixture of all grades of wood (Clear, #1, #2, #3) as the lumber comes from the log.

Spalted- Figure that occurs in certain woods. Has dark squiggly lines and various colors throughout the wood.

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Gallery of Wood
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*Please tell us the quantity, grade, kiln dried or green, and surfacing of the lumber that you are requesting. Also let us know if you plan to pick up your order or have it delivered - give us your location including name, address, and phone number.

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