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Early History and Genealogy of the Anderson-McCullough-McCune Families and Related Lines of Franklin County, Pa. by Elizabeth Brubaker Wolff (Author and Compiler) was published in the fifties. I, Ruth (Anderson) Miller, (fifth generation) am currently updating this publication. If you have any information which would help with this update please contact me at

Oliver Anderson, the subject of this genealogy, was born in Ireland in 1742 and came to America with other members of the family presumably as early as 1750 and to the Corner by 1764 (Mercersburg, PA. He served in the Revolutionary War and possibly Valley Forge. His service in the Revolution is as follows: From Adjutant General’s Office, Washington, DC; Private in 2nd Batt. Of Cumberland Cty Militia commanded by Col. John Allison ; PA State Library at Harrisburg, PA; Private under Capt. Samuel Patton’s Co., 6th Batt., Cumberland Co. Militia, 1777; From Adj. Gen Office; Private under Capt. Wm. Huston’s Co., Cumberland Co. Militia, commanded by Col. Samuel Culbertson, 1780-1781.

He was married three times; first Elizabeth Marshall in 1769 of William Marshall, Sr. And wife, Mary (surname unknown). Their children were:

II l William, born in 1770. He married____DeWitt and they had issue. They moved to Kentucky.

II 2 Henry, born in 1772, married Sallie McCune and moved to Mercer County, PA. They had no issue.

II 3 Jeanette, born 1774, married John Burnside. They had issue and moved to Ohio. Elizabeth Marshall Anderson died Feb 6, 1779 and is buried in Slate Hill graveyard near Mercersburg, PA.

Oliver Anderson married 2nd Sarah Kyle in 1780. Their children were:

II 4 Elizabeth born 1781, married John Moore and had issue:

III 1 Elizabeth

III 2 Sarah married____Alison

III 3 Margaret Jane

III 4 Henry. They migrated to Mercer Cty, PA

II 5 John, born 1783 (bachelor). Sarah Kyle Anderson died January 11, 1784 buried in Slate Hill graveyard.

Oliver Anderson married 3rd Jean Humphrey born 1763, dau of David Humphrey, Sr. And Jean (Miller) Humphrey. Their children were:

II 6 Agnes, born Feb 26, 1787,and married Capt. John Dodd; II 7 David born 7/5/1788 (unmarried); II 8 Samuel Anderson married Eleanor McCullough, their children were:

III 1 Margaret Isabella born 5/10/1834, she married John Divilbiss (born 11/11/1824 (no issue)

III 2 Elizabeth Matilda born 1835, died 5yrs old

III 3 Oliver Henry, born 10/18/1836, married Sarah Weiler in 1867. Their children are:

IV 1 Alberta Virginia born 5/22, 1869

IV 2 Ella Frances born 10/6/1872

IV 3 Robert Warren born 2/7/1874

IV 4 Flora Middleton, born 2/10/1876

IV 5 Oliver Henry Jr. born 10/9/1878

III 4 Ann Rebecca born 10/10/1838 died 2 yrs

III 5 Nancy Eleanor born 7/27, 1840, she married John Brubaker and their children are:

IV 1 Mary Rankin, born 9/25/1866

IV 2 Granville Moody married Ida Stoner

IV 3 Archibald Scott born 7/2/1871

IV 4 Herbert Adams born 8/4/1874

IV 5 Eleanor Isabel born 10/19/ 1876

IV 6 Elizabeth Virginia born 3/2/1879

IV 7 Robert Oliver born 9/9/1881

III 6 John McCune Anderson born 2/28/1843, married Harriet (Rasp) Carbaugh and their children are:

IV 1 Emma Aquilla born 9/1879

IV 2 Alfaretta born 2/27, 1881

IV 3 Chester Allen born 10/25/1886 married 1st Laura Viola Gift and married 2nd Mabel Adaline Defenderfer

IV 4 Mary Alberta born 5/21/1891

IV 5 Archibald Oliver born 3/4/1895

III 7 Samuel Anderson , born 7/261845 (bachelor)

III 8 Sarah Mary, born 7/25/1847, married Dr. John L. Blair in 1868 and their children are:

IV 1 James Franklin, born 5/4/1869

IV 2 John Elwood, born 10/12,1871

III 9 Archibald Scott McCullough Anderson, born 12/6/1848, was married in 1883 to Edith Gould and their children are:

IV1Eleanor born 1885

IV2 Archibald born 9/13/1887, died 6 yrs

IV3 Winnifred born 9/1/1888 married Alfred E. Smith

IV4 Margaret born June 1892

IV 5 Gertrude born 1898

III 10 George Robert Anderson, born 11/25/1851 married Sarah Marian Work- Moved to Purdy MO, their children are:

IV1Eleanor born 10/18/1880 in McDonald, PA, she married Guy Gould in 1902

IV2 Robert Huston born 11/14/1882 died 2 yrs

IV3 Campbell born 9/4,1884, moved to Harrison, AK

IV 4 Jean Ursula, born 9/1/1886 in Moundsville, MO, she married Paul Byers from Ashland, OR in 1934

IV5 Archibald Barnet born 2/15/1889 in Nashville, MO; he married Mary Smith 12/25/1922 and have twin girls--

IV 6 Ruth Gibson born 11/7/1891 in Carthage, MO, she married Dr. Lawrence Davis Mitchell from AL;

IV 7 Thomas Marion born and died 1893;

George Robert Anderson married 2nd May Lamb in 1894 (moved to Ashland, OR. and their children are:

IV 8 John William born 7/21/1897

IV 9 Oliver Gladstone born 1/6/1899

(May (Lamb) Anderson and George Robert Anderson are buried in Ashland, OR Cemetery)

II 9 Ann Anderson born 4/23/1793, married Matthew Newell and their children are:

III 1 Sarah Jane married Benjamin Roberts

III 2 William Wilson

III 3 Annabelle, married Rudolph Nicholson

III 4 Mary Elizabeth married------Rathbon

III 5 Oliver Anderson married ------Fullerton

III 6 Thomas married-------Williams and their children are:

IV 1 Addie

IV 2 Austin

III 7 James Spence

III 8 Agnes, married Lewis Stone.

Four of these families located in Wapello, Iowa.

II 10 Robert Anderson born 5/29, 1795 married Eve Ensminger from Williamsport, MD and their children are:

III 1 William deceased when child

III 2 Margaret born 2/12/1832, married Burton Williams and their children are:

IV 1 Mary Ella married------Conley

IV 2 Lilly Briscoe born 1856 and died 1881

IV 3 Georgette married Dr. Blair from Shippensburg, PA

III 2 Robert Oliver born 9/29/1836 married Amanda Ardinger

III 3 John Hogg born 3/26/1839 (bachelor)

III 4 Sophia Georgette born 1/2/1842 married John Wilson from Williamsport, MD

III 5 James Humphrey born 11/1/1844

III 6 Catherine Virginia born 2/22/1847 married Emanuel Frank Shatzer of Williamsport, MD, and their children are:

IV 1 Margaret born and died 8/1877

IV 2 Robert born 8/31/1878 in Evansville, IN

IV 3 James born 4/2/1881 and died 9/11/1881.

Robert and Eve Anderson are buried in Williamsport, MD cemetery.

This book also includes the Dick Line—Captain William Dick, pioneer of this line, was born in Ireland, October, 1788. The year he came to America is not known. He came to Mercersburg, PA where he spent many years and was recognized as one of the leading men of the town. He was married twice.

Note: I have not researched this portion of the book any further yet!

This book also includes the McCullough Family—Archibald McCullough, the pioneer of the branch of McCulloughs came from County Derry, Ireland to Newcastle County, Delaware State about the year 1740; a son George McCullough and his family came to the vicinity of Upton, PA in about the year 1780.

This book also includes the McCune Family—William McCune, pioneer, came to America, supposedly from Ireland, year unknown. He may have lived for a time in Chester County before coming to the Conococheague Settlement in about the year 1755. He purchased land from Patrick McClure 1762 on the west branch of Conococheague Creek . He donated land for the Slate Hill Church. In 1769, his son Samuel became owner of a farm purchased by his father from Patrick McClure, known as the Irwinton Mills farm. The tract adjoins the West Branch of the Conococheague Creek and includes a mill. Though the years this spot has been of much historical interest as the old house built of native limestone was the home of two sisters, one of whom became mistress of the White House, the other mother of a President of the United States.

Both the dwelling house and mill were built by Archibald Irwin, Sr. His son Archibald and wife Mary (Ramsey) Irwin succeeded to the old homestead. Their daughter Jane married William Henry Harrison, Jr. and became mistress of the White House during the brief period President William Henry Harrison was in office in 1841. The younger daughter, Elizabeth, married John Scott Harrison and became the mother of Benjamin Harrison, twenty-third President of the United States. The interesting old house and farm are in private ownership. Chester Anderson, descendant of William McCune, Sr. owned and operated this mill until his death in 1973.

This is where I was born! My brother, Harry, owns the mill today. Tours are available by appointment. Check the Anderson Mill page.

This book also includes the Humphrey Line—David Humphrey Sr. was of Scotch Irish descent. He was a pioneer who came to America from the north of Ireland with his wife, thought to have been a Miss Houston, and landed in the Panhandle region of Virginia. The branch of the family of which David was a member lived in Wales for a time, then drifted to the North of Ireland where they mingled with the Scotch-Irish and inter-married with them. Oliver Anderson’s third wife Jean Humphrey was from this line.

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