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                                                  Thanx for stopping by! Not much here, just some pics of my cars.

                                                                updated on April, 3rd, 2001

Just to let you know, this page will probably be completely updated sometime early summer of 2001. when saying completely, i mean completely. It (hopefully) will be geared to a Dakota R/T that I hope to order sometime in the near future.

One thing before we get started.... Do you have a Shelby built Dodge? If the answer is yes please click  The Shelby Dodge Registry    and register you car. Maybe some day we will be able to account for the majority of these cars.

Well the day has finally arrived. With major regret.... The CSX-T was sold March 25th 2001. Had 20,000 and 9 years of fun. But since I couldn't find time to put it all back together, it was for the best that it found another home. Off to VA.!


Well it looks like this one will be going soon also. April 4th if all goes well. Off to Oklahoma!! Holy cow!

 It's an 87 CSX. #133 ,out of a limited production run of 750 units. It had a not so pleasant life. A friend picked it up at a salvage auction right outside of Washington D.C..I drove it from the auction to my shop.  It ran and drove great.  Anyway the car has 104,000 miles and still has original paint. The paint is not so nice though, and the body <cough> well the poor car got nailed from behind and the insurance company totaled it. So, I started the process of  bringing it back to life. It has a PA salvage title.(title reads Shelby)  The car really wasn't that bad. One good thing is that it was hit in the rear, and what unibody damage there was, was behind the rear axle. It did need a right quarter panel, rear bumper assembly, taillights and a few other small parts. But I had a 89 Shadow parts car, so...
Anyway, the car is 4 sale. $1000.00 takes it.(firm!) If I cant get that I guess I will have to part it out. All Shelby specific parts are here.I have a NEW in the box grille for it, have ALL new decals with the exception of the decals below the doors, new hatch medallion, new battery, new Mopar fuel pump, filter and lines. Have the build sheet. Centurians are in decent shape. Interior is trashed. My plan was to rob a complete interior out of a '90-92 Shadow. Car has a new fuel pump, filter, and lines in it. But after I did that the brake booster went out. AAGGH!!!
Anyway email address is at the bottom of the page, let me know if interested.


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